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Company Profile

Huai'an Zhili Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

is a professional engaged in research and development, manufacturing,

sales as one of the excellent pipeline manufacturers,

the enterprise operates the "doctor pipe" brand,

the main cover high-end PPR pipe, PERT floor heating pipe, pvc-u drainage pipe, electrical casing and other complete series and supporting products.

The company has been devoted to the research of pipe fittings and various plastic moulds for many years, always keeping pace with the international, advanced technology, professional management has created excellent quality and excellent brand.The continuous introduction of new products for consumers to bring a richer choice. Huai'an Zhili Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Production inspection

Dr. Guan pipeline set up a scientific and technological research laboratory center, introduced multiple pipe and pipe automatic production lines, computer automated pipe and pipe production equipment, multi-level function injection molding machines and other pipeline production hardware facilities. At the same time, high-paying pipeline developers are hired, relying on years of familiarity with pipe making techniques, with the help of a comprehensive R&D platform, and using complete testing equipment to conduct pressure and compression tensile tests on each batch of products, and are committed to the upgrade and development of pipelines. Bring healthy, safe and environmentally friendly pipelines to consumers, devote quality to users, and bring every pipeline full of health philosophy to every happy family.
The company has a professional testing center, imported pipe pressure blasting tester, drop hammer impact tester, Vicat softening tester and other testing equipment, and implements the whole process quality control from raw material storage to finished product release.

Pipe fitting production workshop


Company Culture

To make a brand, we must first do quality
Professional will go further
Culture is the cohesion of an enterprise
To make a brand, we must first do quality

Regard the achievement of pipeline brand as the corporate ideal of managing doctoral pipelines, promote the development of the brand road with its own characteristic culture, and determine the development idea of ​​"branding must first be quality".

Professional will go further

Dr. Guan Pipe firmly believes that only professional production can obtain safe products, only professional review can exchange the trust of users, and only professional services can create more brand value, so we know that only professional branding can make us go. farther.

Culture is the cohesion of an enterprise

Starting from the characteristics, we use culture to cultivate the morals of employees, and use the culture of Dr. Guan to stimulate the creativity of employees, and finally form a corporate culture that belongs to Dr. Guan and a corporate culture of Dr. Guan.

Brand Services

Service purposes
Quality Commitment
Service purposes

"To meet your needs with high-quality products and considerate service" is the principle of Dr. Guan's pipeline service. With customer needs as the core and guidance, build a customer service system and service methods that meet user needs, and build a customer service team with user satisfaction as the service goal. The customer service system of the "Doctor Guan Pipeline" brand follows the same service management standard and provides services with uniform quality standards to users across the country.

Quality Commitment

Resolutely support and implement the national "Product Quality Law" and "Consumer Rights Protection Law." Full implementation of ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification standard production; product design, R&D, and production are market demand-oriented, focusing on environmental protection, technology, personality, fashion and product culture.Below are our certificates


In order to ensure the comprehensive needs of users, Dr. Guan Pipeline also provides you with "high-quality, efficient, fast, and accurate" services, and wholeheartedly provides customers with meticulous and thoughtful technical support.

Technical consultation: product design parameters, professional terminology, product performance and related knowledge solutions for pipes and fittings; product installation.
Construction guidance: For the smooth progress of the construction, Dr. Guan Pipeline can send engineering and technical personnel to the construction site to guide the construction and installation according to the needs of the customer.
Bidding negotiation: When there is a project bidding, Dr. Guan Pipeline can provide professional and technical personnel to provide a full range of services for customers.
Material budget: According to the requirements of the drawings, Dr. Guan Pipeline hires professionals to budget the materials for the clients.